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  1. photo-booth-for-rent-11.jpg  • The VIP Open Style Photo Booth

  2. Your Information and About the Event

    Please provide us some information about how to contact you and details on the event. No worries if any of the details might change. This is only to get an idea of your event and it's unique aspects. As we get closer to the event date, we confirm all details to assure nothing has changed and all the details are correct. If anything changes, we have you covered!

    Just a quick 2 minute form to gather all the details...

  3. You chose: The VIP Open Style Photo Booth

  4. Now we are going to gather the information on what type of photo booth you prefer, and the various enhancement options you would like. Don't worry, nothing is finalized. This is to get an idea of what you prefer. You can always change your mind on things and we will adjust to make sure you get exactly what you like. So if anything is undecided, just enter what you feel is your preference now, or skip what sections are still in the planning stages.

  5. What enhancement options might you be interested in adding?

    Select the checkboxes below for enhancement items you might be interested in adding. This is not a commitment to them, just letting us know to offer the options on the agreement for you to consider.

    Photo Scrapbook
    Upgrade to 4x6 size prints

    Acrylic Frames, custom inserts

  6. Time to pick the backdrop color you feel you like best. This is only for planning. We can change colors for you any time as your event details finalize. If you wish to look over the backdrop colors and options click here.

  7. Now let's customize your photo design to make is tailored to YOU!

    We custom design all of our photo strip overlays and digital designs to match your theme, colors and style. We can even design to match your event or wedding invitations, right down to matching the font in many cases. Below are a few questions to help us tailor the design to be uniquely yours. If any of this information is still being planned, no worries. Skip the section and we will get this information later once you have it planned out.

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